State Support Network

The State Support Network was a technical assistance initiative operating from 2016 to 2020 designed to support state and district school improvement efforts. Use this site to learn more about State Support Network communities of practice and to access free resources for states and district to support school improvement.

How did the State Support Network assist states and districts?

The State Support Network collaborates with states, districts, and technical assistance partners to:

During its four year of operation the State Support Network brought states and districts together with technical assistance providers and subject matter experts to use research and resources to analyze practical challenges and develop strategies for supporting schools.

The State Support Network worked with states and districts to:

  1. Take stock of lessons learned from prior systemic school improvement efforts.
  2. Assess districts’ and schools’ needs and assets to inform improvement strategies.
  3. Build sustainable systems to support continuous improvement and ensure student success.

What types of technical assistance did the Network offer?

The Network provided varying levels of technical assistance support designed to connect states and districts to each other and to evidence-based resources that drive improvement, including:

  • Universal support through broadly shared school improvement resources organized on a user-friendly website. Resources include case studies, guidelines, and tools for implementation.
  • Collective support for virtual and in-person technical assistance among state and local peers. We will provide opportunities for states and districts to collaborate directly with peers and communities of practice to solve common challenges.
  • Individual support focused on direct technical assistance from subject matter experts to address specific state and district needs.

What topics does the Network cover?

The Network provided technical assistance related to school improvement in a range of topic areas. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning and implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Using evidence to strengthen education investments and achieve student outcomes
  • Performing high-quality, scalable needs assessments
  • Leveraging flexible funding and funding data to make decisions
  • Supporting state and local strategic planning
  • Measuring and supporting increased proficiency for English learners
  • Designing innovative school improvement strategies

Download a Network overview handout for states and districts.

Download a Network overview handout for technical assistance providers.

Community of Practice Resources

Explore information about and resources from the State Support Network’s over 25 Communities of Practice bringing together States, districts, and TA partners around such topics as:

  • Selecting and Implementing Evidence-Based Practices
  • Data Systems, Quality and Reporting
  • Root Cause Analysis and Implementing and Scaling Needs Assessments
  • Financial Transparency, Resource Reviews and Resource Allocation
  • School Quality and Success, School Identification and Improvement, and Differentiated Systems of Support for Rural Schools
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Principal Talent Management and Supporting Rural School Leaders

State Support Network Resources

Use this site to search over 80 resources, produced during this initiative by the State Support Network and collaboration partners, including practical tools for understanding needs and selecting evidence-based interventions, strategic planning and resource allocation tools, and other school improvement resources.

Contact Information

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    State Support Network
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