Grantees and Applicants

OESE administers grants to state education agencies (SEAs), local education agencies (LEAs), and other education stakeholders to support state and local efforts to improve student achievement, educational equity, and access to educational opportunities for all students.

Types of Assistance

  • Formula grants:  Formula grant programs are noncompetitive awards based on a predetermined formula. These programs are sometimes referred to as state-administered programs.
  • Discretionary grants: Discretionary grant programs award funds using a competitive process. The Department solicits applications and bases its review on legislative and regulatory requirements as well as published selection criteria established for a program. The review process enables the Department to determine which applications best address the program requirements and are, therefore, most worthy of funding.

Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for OESE funding vary by program and include SEAs, LEAs, nonprofit organizations, charter management organizations, institutions for higher education, and community organizations. Eligibility requirements for each program are described on each program office’s page. You can find information about specific programs, and search for assistance by program office or subject, on the Programs page.

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