Office of Discretionary Grants & Support Services


The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Discretionary Grants and Support Services (DGSS) leads the implementation and development of effective and efficient policies, processes, and strategies related to the administration and management of the organization’s discretionary grant programs.

Selected Responsibilities

  • Grants Administration:  Administer discretionary grant programs through all phases of the grants cycle, including pre-award (planning), award, post-award, and close-out activities.
  • Policy Development:  Develop program requirements, contribute to the development of Department policy, answer policy questions, and perform other activities that direct or guide the design and implementation of a grant.
  • Technical Assistance:  Help grantees understand the process of designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving effective grant programs.
  • Monitoring and Audit Resolution:  Help grantees identify and properly address program implementation issues that will result in a more effective and efficient grant program.
  • Data Reporting and Analysis:  Collect, analyze and use data to help assess grant program progress (e.g., EDFacts, Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR), and Annual Performance Report (APR)); help grantees focus on and evaluate the attainment of important grant program outputs and outcomes; produce required congressional reports and meet public transparency requirements.
  • Program Evaluation:  Design, implement and use of formal program evaluations (formative or summative) for the purpose of program improvement and determining grant program merit or worth.

Contact Information

  • Ruth Ryder, Deputy Assistant Secretary
    Office of Discretionary Grants & Support Services
    U.S. Department of Education, OESE
    400 Maryland Ave SW
    Washington D.C. 20202-6244
Last Modified: 06/24/2021