Effective Educator Development Programs

The Office of Effective Educator Development Programs (EEDP) administers discretionary grants that support the quality of teaching and school administration.  Funding may support a variety of activities, including but not limited to:

  • Providing principals with the tools necessary to make school-level decisions, including staffing decisions, in order to build high-performing instructional leadership teams for high-need schools;
  • Improving LEA processes for recruiting, selecting, placing, supporting, and retaining effective teachers, principals, and other school leaders in high-need schools;
  • Implementing a differentiated salary structure for teachers who teach in high-needs schools or teach high-need subjects, raise student academic achievement, or take on additional leadership responsibilities, or for principals or other school leaders to serve in high-need schools and raise student academic achievement;
  • Providing evidence-based professional development that addresses literacy, numeracy, remedial education, or other needs of LEAs and the students they serve; and
  • Supporting non-traditional preparation and certification pathways that allow teachers, principals, or other school leaders to obtain employment in traditionally underserved local educational agencies (LEAs).

Contact Information

  • Venitia Richardson, Director
    Effective Educator Development Programs
    U.S. Department of Education. OESE
    400 Maryland Ave., SW
    Washington D.C. 20202