School Profile B: Bravo Middle School

Bravo Middle School is a relatively small middle school, serving just under 250 students, located in a midsize American city. Bravo Middle has been in the same building for the last 30 years, which is divided between Bravo Middle and a public charter K–8 school. The community around Bravo Middle also has changed in the past 30 years, shifting from a middle-class neighborhood to one with increasing levels of poverty and crime. Most of the students who attend Bravo Middle live in the neighborhood, yet a growing number of students travel to Bravo Middle from other neighborhoods. Most of the students who attend Bravo Middle come from lower socio-economic households and face challenges related to inter-generational poverty, educational attainment, and racial discrimination. Most students at Bravo Middle are African American (as they have been historically), and the school staff generally reflects the student body in terms of race.

This profile of Bravo Middle’s root case analysis process includes three main parts:

yellow speech bubble Part 1: Developing a Problem Statement
different types of charts Part 2: Identifying Causes
light bulb shaped puzzle with one piece separated Part 3: Identifying Solutions

To learn more about Bravo Middle’s root cause analysis experience, click on the “Part 1: Developing a Problem Statement” above.