Alpha Elementary School is a large elementary school (serving more than 500 students) located in a midsized American city. Alpha Elementary was established more than two decades ago but is now located in a large, modern building with many amenities and flexible learning spaces.1 In recent years, school staff have committed to using approaches such as project-based learning, restorative justice, and targeted community engagement. Most of the students who attend Alpha Elementary live in the neighborhood, leading to the school serving as a central point for social and community events. Most of the students who attend Alpha Elementary face challenges related to inter-generational poverty, educational attainment, and racial discrimination. The vast majority of students at Alpha Elementary are black (as they have been historically), and the school staff generally reflects the student body in terms of race.

This profile of Alpha Elementary School’s root case analysis process includes three main parts:

yellow speech bubble Part 1: Developing a Problem Statement
different types of charts Part 2: Identifying Causes
light bulb shaped puzzle with one piece separated Part 3: Identifying Solutions

1Flexible learning spaces allow teachers and students to move and change learning settings as needed for individual, small group, or whole group instruction. For more information, please see the Flexible Learning Environments(link is external) summary by the California Department of Education. [Back]