Title II – Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals

SEC. 2101  |  SEC. 2102  |  SEC. 2103 PART A — TEACHER AND PRINCIPAL TRAINING AND RECRUITING FUND SEC. 2101. PURPOSE. The purpose of this part is to provide grants to State educational agencies, local educational agencies, State agencies for higher education, and eligible partnerships in order to — (1) increase student academic achievement through […]

Title II – Teacher Quality Enhancement

SEC. 221  |  SEC. 222  |  SEC. 223  |  SEC. 224  |  SEC. 1052 PART A — TEACHER QUALITY ENHANCEMENT GRANTS FOR STATES AND PARTNERSHIPS’; (2) by striking this title’ each place it appears and inserting this part’; and (3) by adding at the end the following: PART B — PREPARING TOMORROW’S TEACHERS TO USE […]

Title III Modules

It is important for Title III State Directors to understand the requirements of Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA). The Title III State Director Training Modules from the State Support Network includes three modules that explain the requirements […]

Title VII Impact Aid

SEC. 7001. [20 U.S.C. 7701] PURPOSE. In order to fulfill the Federal responsibility to assist with the provision of educational services to federally connected children in a manner that promotes control by local educational agencies with little or no Federal or State involvement, because certain activities of the Federal Government, such as activities to fulfill […]

Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants, Title II, Part A

TYPES OF PROJECTS State-level activities include but are not limited to (1) reforming teacher and principal certification programs, (2) providing support for new teachers, and (3) providing professional development for teachers and principals. Local-level activities include but are not limited to (1) recruiting and retaining effective teachers and principals, (2) providing professional development for teachers […]

Title III Language Instruction For English Learners And Immigrant Students

SEC. 3001. [20 U.S.C. 6801] AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out this title— $756,332,450 for fiscal year 2017; $769,568,267 for fiscal year 2018; $784,959,633 for fiscal year 2019; and $884,959,633 for fiscal year 2020. PART A—ENGLISH LANGUAGE ACQUISITION, LANGUAGE ENHANCEMENT, AND ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT ACT SEC. 3101. [20 U.S.C. 6811] […]

Title VI Indian, Native Hawaiian, and Alaska Native Education

PART A—INDIAN EDUCATION SEC. 6101. [20 U.S.C. 7401] STATEMENT OF POLICY. It is the policy of the United States to fulfill the Federal Government’s unique and continuing trust relationship with and responsibility to the Indian people for the education of Indian children. The Federal Government will continue to work with local educational agencies, Indian tribes […]

Other Results

State Support Network Releases Title III Modules

The State Support Network is excited to release a new resource, Title III State Director Training Modules. These modules from the State Support Network includes three modules that explain the requirements and use of Title III funds in federal statute and non-regulatory guidance. Click here to access the modules.
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