Maine – Alternative Methods to Distribute Title I Funds Policy Letter

May 20, 2002

Honorable J. Duke Albanese
Maine Department of Public Instruction
23 House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023

Dear Commissioner Albanese:

We are approving your State’s continued use of its current alternative method to distribute Title I, Part A Basic, Concentration, and Targeted Grant funds to “small” local educational agencies (LEAs) with fewer than 20,000 total residents. Maine’s alternative method would be based primarily on the use of Free Lunch data. We had approved this method in 1999.

The use of an alternative method is authorized in sections 1124(a)(2)(B), 1125A(a)(4), and 1125(d) of the Title I statute. At this time, however, it is not clear whether you may use this alternative method to distribute Title I Education Finance Incentive Grants authorized in section 1125A of the statute. We may regulate in order to permit States to apply this small LEA flexibility to the Education Finance Incentive Grants program. We hope to make a decision soon and will keep you informed.

As it applies to Basic, Concentration, and Targeted Grants, this approval remains in effect for the duration of the current Title I authorization. However, you must update those portions of the data that change every year in order to use the most current data. If you wish to change your alternative method for distributing Title I, Part A Basic, Concentration, and Targeted Grant funds at a later time, please resubmit a request for approval.

Please note that any small LEA that is dissatisfied with the State’s determination of its grant under your alternative method may appeal that determination to the Secretary. If you have any questions concerning our approval, please contact Joseph F. Johnson, Jr., Director, Compensatory Education Programs at (202) 260-0826.

Susan B. Neuman, Ed.D.
Assistant Secretary,
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

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