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Local Flexibility Demonstration Agreement Between the United States Department of Education and Seattle Public Schools

The United States Department of Education (Department) and the Seattle Public School District (Seattle) enter into this Local-Flexibility Demonstration (Local-Flex) Agreement to assist Seattle in meeting its State definition of adequate yearly progress and attaining specific, measurable goals for improving student achievement and narrowing achievement gaps. This Agreement is made under the authority in Sections 6151 through 6156 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

The terms of the Agreement are as follows:

  1. Seattle is authorized to and will consolidate the grant funds that it receives by formula under the following ESEA programs:

    1. Subpart 2 of Part A of Title II (Teacher and Principal Training and Recruitment);
    2. Subpart 1 of Part A of Title II (Enhancing Educational Technology);
    3. Subpart 1 of Part A of Title IV (Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities); and
    4. Subpart 1 of Part A of Title V (Innovative Programs).

  2. Seattle will use the consolidated funds in accordance with its revised, approved Local-Flex Application, which was submitted to the Department on July 18, 2003 and the terms of which are incorporated by reference into this Agreement. The funds will be used to:

    1. Improve teacher knowledge, rigor and skill in the application of research-based practices and strategies for Mathematics, literacy content and pedagogy;
    2. Improve teacher knowledge and skill in standards-based, culturally-responsive teaching and learning, differentiation of instruction, and the use of data to inform instruction;
    3. Improve beginning teacher quality and preparation for service to underserved students of diverse backgrounds;
    4. Enhance the integration of technology in the classroom for teacher productivity and the teaching and learning program; and
    5. Provide intervention and support services for academic achievement, reentry and substance abuse issues for targeted student populations.

  3. Seattle will be held accountable for the specific goals and annual measurable objectives set forth in its Application. Seattle’s long-term, strategic goals are as follows:

    1. All students enrolled in the Seattle Public Schools will reach or exceed State and District standards in Reading and Mathematics by 2013-2014;
    2. Disproportionality in student achievement in Reading and Mathematics will be eliminated by 2013-2014; and
    3. The graduation rate for high school students will meet or exceed State standards by 2013-2014. The unexcused absence rates for elementary and middle school students will be less than or equal to State standards by 2013-2014.

    As described in the Seattle Application, each subgroup of students will meet or exceed their annual performance targets for each year of the five year Agreement.

  4. Seattle will provide such information and reports that the Department deems necessary in order to measure the effectiveness of Seattle’s implementation of the Local-Flex.

  5. The Local-Flex assurances that were included in Seattle’s Application and as stated in the Local-Flex legislation are incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

  6. This Agreement shall expire on August 31, 2008, subject to any amendments, limitations, termination or extension as provided in the Local-Flex legislation.

Ronald Tomalis
Acting Assistant Secretary
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Raj Manhas
Interim Superintendent
Seattle Public Schools
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Flexibility and Waivers - Local Flex Agreement with Seattle Public Schools - NCLB Policy Letters to States