Applicant Info and Eligibility

Eligible Applicants:  To be eligible to receive a Ready-to-Learn Programming grant, an entity shall be a public telecommunications entity (see below) that is able to demonstrate each of the following:

(A) A capacity for the development and national distribution of educational and instructional television programming of high quality that is accessible by a large majority of disadvantaged preschool and elementary school children.
(B) A capacity to contract with the producers of children’s television programming for the purpose of developing educational television programming of high quality.
(C) A capacity, consistent with the entity’s mission and nonprofit nature, to negotiate such contracts in a manner that returns to the entity an appropriate share of any ancillary income from sales of any program-related products.
(D) A capacity to localize programming and materials to meet specific State and local needs and to provide educational outreach at the local level.

Public Telecommunications Entity: A public telecommunications entity is any enterprise which (a) is a public broadcast station or a noncommercial telecommunications entity; and (b) disseminates public telecommunications services to the public.  This definition has been established in accordance with section 437(d)(1) of GEPA, 20 U.S.C. 1232(d)(1).