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Announcing a Notice Inviting Applications for State Entity Grants and the Call for Peer Reviewers

On March 20, 2023, the U.S. Department of Education’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Expanding Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Program – Grants to State Entities (SE) program published a Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) in the Federal Register. The NIA can be accessed here. For more information about the FY 2023 CSP State Entities grant competition, please visit the FY 2023 SE Competition page.

In support of this competition, the CSP Division seeks individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions to serve as peer reviewers to review, score, and provide written analysis of submitted grant applications for the FY 2023 SE grant program. For more information on how to become a peer review please click here.


The Office of the Charter School Programs (CSP) administers discretionary grants that support the startup of new charter schools and the replication and expansion of high-quality charter schools serving students in prekindergarten through grade 12. Funds also support grants to improve charter schools’ access to facilities and information dissemination and evaluation activities.

The CSP also funds the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC). The NCSRC provides technical assistance to CSP funded grantees and is tasked with creating high-quality charter school resources like case studies, webinars, toolkits, and reports to support the broader charter sector. To access products and publications produced by the NCSRC please visit their website at: To receive the NCSRC’s quarterly newsletter which contains their latest research and publications, and other announcements related to the charter sector, please click here:

Parties interested in receiving information from the U.S. Department of Education concerning the CSP and other education related grant programs can receive periodic updates by clicking on this link:

Program Description

The Charter School Programs (CSP) provides funds to:

  • create promising new public charter schools,
  • replicate high-quality public charter schools, and
  • disseminate information about effective practices within charter schools.

Federal funds are also available to help charter schools:

  • find suitable facilities;
  • reward high-quality charter schools that form exemplary collaborations with traditional public schools; and
  • invest in other national initiatives that support charter schools.

Each year, the CSP publishes notices inviting applications in the Federal Register for CSP’s federal discretionary grant programs.

The Charter School listserv is a free service. Subscribers interested in grants, can receive periodic information relevant to charter schools. If you would like to receive information on these grants, please click on this link to subscribe.