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Biography of Faatimah Muhammad

Faatimah Muhammad is the Director for the Impact Aid Program in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, at the U.S. Department of Education. Faatimah Muhammad joined the U.S. Department of Education in 2015. Most recently she served as a supervisory education program specialist in the Office of School Support and Accountability in the Office […]

Specialists State Assignments

ARCHIVED The Impact Aid Program office recommends the use of our direct website , as it is frequently  updated and monitored by our staff State Number State 7002 Operations Lead 7002 Team Member 7003 Operations Lead 7003 Team Member 10 AL Alabama Thomas Dunham Torchon-Duke Edwards 11 AK Alaska Thomas Dunham Gregory Edwards 12 […]

Biography of Marilyn Hall

Marilyn Hall is the Director for the Impact Aid Program. She has served the Impact Aid Program for over 25 years, most recently as Program Support Group Leader since 2005, supervising a team of 12 and managing the Impact Aid System, the program’s information technology asset. She also has been responsible for federal property eligibility […]

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can any LEA apply for one of these construction grants? No, only those local educational agencies (LEAs) eligible for Impact Aid under Title VIII of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act are eligible to apply. There are also other eligibility requirements that further limit the applicants for the FY 2017 competition. 2.  Can my […]


Section 7007(b) Resources Indian Preference Memo:  MS WORD (44K) Construction Grant Guidance Memo:  MS WORD (32K)| PDF (45K) Impact Aid Resources Related Links


2015 Performance Report MS WORD (70K) 2009 Performance Plan MS WORD (58K) 2008 Performance Plan MS WORD (40K) 2007 Performance Plan 2006 Performance Plan 2005 Performance Plan 2004 Performance Plan 2003 Performance Report Revised 2003 Performance Plan 2002 Performance Report 2001 Performance Report

Funding Status

2021 Appropriation: $17,406,000 2019 Appropriation: $17,406,000 2017 Appropriation: $17,406,000 2016 Appropriation: No Funds Appropriated 2015 Appropriation: $17,406,000 2014 Appropriation: No Funds Appropriated 2013 Appropriation: $16,528,706 2012 Appropriation: $17,474,000 2011 Appropriation: No Funds Appropriated 2010 Appropriation: No Funds Appropriated 2009 Appropriation: $17,509,000 2008 Appropriation: $17,509,000 2007 Appropriation: No Funds Appropriated 2006 Appropriation: No Funds Appropriated 2005 Appropriation: $27,321,107