Charter Schools Program Seeking Reviewers for State-Level Grant Competition

The Office of Innovation and Improvement is seeking peer reviewers for the FY 2015 Charter Schools Program (CSP) State Educational Agency (SEA) grant competition. This is a competitive grant program that enables SEAs to provide financial assistance, through subgrants to eligible applicants, for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools and for the dissemination of information about successful charter schools.

Peer reviewers from various backgrounds and professional are needed, including:

  • State or district education officials
  • Charter school funders
  • Charter school and charter school management organization leaders
  • K-12, special education and English language learner researchers and evaluators
  • Experts in program evaluation
  • Practitioners from the social innovation and venture philanthropy fields
  • Social and education entrepreneurs
  • Strategy practitioners with experience in the charter sector
  • Education and public policy professionals
  • Grant makers or managers with experience in the charter sector
  • Professionals with knowledge of, and experience with, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, education reform, and education policy

Peer reviewers may have expertise in various geographies, including urban, suburban, rural and tribal communities.

Interested individuals can review full information on this reviewer opportunity here. To be considered as a peer reviewer, please click here to complete the Peer Reviewer Application Form. After completing the form, you will be prompted to send your resume and contact information via email, with the subject heading “FY2015 CSP SEA PEER REVIEWER,” to the email address provided in the Peer Reviewer Application Form.

The deadline for peer reviewer applications is 5:00 p.m. (EDT) on Friday, May 29, 2015 to be considered as an FY 2015 CSP SEA peer reviewer. Please note that resumes cannot exceed a five-page limit.