Meet OII’s New Leader

Nadya Chinoy DabbyI wanted to take the time to introduce myself to all of you and to thank you for stopping by our corner of the Web. Through my work at the Department over the last few years — whether through some of its programs, like Investing in Innovation or Charter Schools, or through other initiatives like encouraging evidence-based funding — as well as through previous roles I held prior to joining the current administration, I have had the great opportunity to meet many of you.

On June 3, 2013, I became the acting assistant deputy secretary for Innovation and Improvement at the Department of Education. Succeeding former Assistant Deputy Secretary Jim Shelton, who is currently the Department’s acting deputy secretary, will no doubt be challenging, but I am looking forward to the work and rewards that lie ahead.

Before becoming acting assistant deputy secretary, I was associate assistant deputy secretary here in OII, beginning in late 2011. That role allowed me to familiarize myself with OII’s programs, our outstanding team, and the Department overall. (I had a bit of a sneak peek in 2009, when I spent some time working in the Office of the Secretary in the months following the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.)

I was initially drawn to the field of public education because of my commitment to working with high-need communities. I know each of our students is capable of amazing things, and I am deeply invested in ensuring that we do everything we can to support them. I feel fortunate that the work that we do here in OII is, in my highly subjective opinion, particularly well-positioned to produce meaningful changes for our students: from engaging parents in their students’ education to improving school leadership to building collaboration between charters and traditional public schools to measuring the arts’ impact on student learning, OII’s 25 programs represent a fascinating range of innovative efforts to improve student learning. OII’s diverse portfolio, encompassing the work of school districts, nonprofits, charter schools, magnet schools, the private sector, nonpublic education organizations, arts organizations, institutions of higher education, and organizations that support military-connected children, keeps our office of nearly 100 people busy and engaged across all parts of education.

Thanks again for stopping by OII’s home page to learn more about our office. I encourage you to continue to use this space as a source for up-to-date news on our office, programs, and grantees. You can also now follow OII on Twitter at @ED_OII.

I hope to see all of you in the coming months — your partnership, work on the ground, and feedback for us is essential to our collective success!

Nadya Chinoy Dabby is acting assistant deputy secretary for innovation and improvement.