Seeking i3 Peer Reviewers

The Department is currently seeking peer reviewers for the FY 2011 i3 competition. If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please read the FY 2011 i3 Call for Peer Reviewers. The information on this page describes the necessary qualifications and provides instructions for submitting your resume and the “i3 Peer Reviewer Checklist” by Friday, July 8.

The Department is seeking i3 peer reviewers from various backgrounds and professions including:

  • PK-12 teachers and principals,
  • College and university educators,
  • Educational evaluators,
  • Social entrepreneurs,
  • Strategy consultants,
  • Grant makers and managers, and
  • Others with education expertise.

The selected reviewers must have expertise in at least one of the program’s five absolute priorities or in educational evaluation. Additionally, the most qualified candidates will also have expertise in one or more of the following attributes or skills:

  • Program or organizational innovation,
  • Experience disseminating or scaling successful programs, and
  • Prior experience reviewing or approving grant applications.

Interested individuals can review additional information at:
For more information on the FY 2011 Investing in Innovation (i3) competition, visit: