Eligible Applicants:  To be considered for an award under this competition, an applicant must be a research organization.

1. a. Cost Sharing or Matching This competition does not require cost sharing or matching.
    b. Indirect Cost Rate Information: This program uses an unrestricted indirect cost rate.  For more information regarding indirect costs, or to obtain a negotiated indirect cost rate, please see www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocfo/intro.html.
    c. Administrative Cost Limitation: This program does not include any program-specific limitation on administrative expenses.  All administrative expenses must be reasonable and necessary and conform to Cost Principles described in 2 CFR part 200 subpart E of the Uniform Guidance.
2. Subgrantees: A grantee under this competition may not award subgrants to entities to directly carry out project activities described in its application.