Consolidated Grants Performance

The Insular Areas Team (IAT), within Rural, Insular, and Native Achievement Programs (RINAP) in the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE), is committed to supporting the Insular Areas as they implement United States Department of Education (Department) programs through the Consolidated Grants to the Insular Areas (CG). This includes a monitoring process designed to both address the IAT’s responsibilities for fiscal and programmatic oversight and to also identify areas in which the Insular Areas need assistance and support to meet their goals and obligations. The monitoring process is anchored around ongoing conversations between IAT program officers and grantees and is conducted using both off-site (desk) monitoring and on-site monitoring visits to grantees.

The goal of the monitoring process is to conduct a program-centered, performance-focused review of the CG through a single, streamlined process that results in improved and strengthened partnerships between the Department and the Insular Areas. To accomplish this, the IAT monitoring process is organized into specific grant performance topics, which reflect the programmatic and fiscal requirements of the CG program.

Monitoring Reports

All monitoring reports are provided in the table below and assess an Insular Area’s grant administration and fiscal management processes, based on information provided through the review process, and other relevant qualitative and quantitative data. Monitoring reports are designed to communicate to Insular Areas and stakeholders the status of program implementation, noting areas where the Insular Area is excelling and areas that require attention.

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