Funding and Legislation

Included in the chart below is the amount of funding per fiscal year since FY 2006.

Fiscal Year (FY) Appropriation for new awards Appropriation for continuation awards*
FY 2018 $0 $105,483,251
FY 2017 $0 $101,803,179
FY 2016 $70,269,506 $155,179,094
FY 2015 $0 $185,185,010
FY 2014 $0 $288,771,000
FY 2013 $0 $283,770,000
FY 2012 $299,433,000 $0
FY 2011 $0 $399,200,000
FY 2010 $400,000,000 $0
FY 2009 $200,000,000 $0
FY 2008 $0 $97,270,470
FY 2007 $0 $97,270,470
FY 2006 $99,000,000 $0

*Continuation Awards include supplemental and forward funding when applicable.


The Teacher Incentive Fund is authorized in P.L. 109-149 — the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2006, Title V, Part D.

  • Provided further, That $260,111,000 shall be available to carry out part D of title V of the ESEA, of which $100,000,000 of the funds for subpart 1 shall be for competitive grants to local educational agencies, including charter schools that are local educational agencies, or States, or partnerships of (1) a local educational agency, a State, or both and (2) at least one non-profit organization to develop and implement performance-based teacher and principal compensation systems in high-need schools:
  • Provided further, That such performance-based compensation systems must consider gains in student academic achievement as well as classroom evaluations conducted multiple times during each school year among other factors and provide educators with incentives to take on additional responsibilities and leadership roles:
  • Provided further, That five percent of such funds for competitive grants shall become available on October 1, 2005 for technical assistance, training, peer review of applications, program outreach, and evaluation activities and that 95 percent shall become available on July 1, 2006 and remain available through September 30, 2007 for competitive grants.