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The Standards and Assessments Peer Review

Program Overview

The No Child Left Behind Act of
(NCLB) established requirements for the standards and
assessment systems of states. The requirements include seven
different components or sections, each section including several
critical elements. In order to address these requirements states
prepare and submit a report with accompanying documentation. This
report and documentation constitutes a state’s “submission”. The
submission is then reviewed by Peer Reviewers, national experts
knowledgeable in the fields of standards and assessment.

In reviewing state submissions two things have been noticed.
First, states often fail to submit evidence to address a critical
required element and secondly, in cases where evidence is submitted
the documentation may not adequately address the full scope or
intent of the element.

This User’s Guide provides general
information to help states prepare their submissions for review, a
summary of the essential requirements for each section of the
submission and information regarding specific elements that is often

This Guide should be viewed as a companion piece to the Standards and Assessments Peer Review Guidance: Information and Examples for
Meeting Requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
, updated January 12, 2009.

Because the requirements for NCLB
are comprehensive, as noted earlier a state’s submission can be
quite substantial in terms of volume and substance. This may present a challenge for reviewers in ensuring that the information actually
needed is present and that the information provided meets the
requirements. To facilitate the review and enhance the efficiency of
the process we have developed general recommendations that apply to the entire submission from a state.

Applicant Information

FY 2023 IAL Notice Inviting Applications (NIA)

FY 2023 IAL Competition Timeline

  • NIA Available: March 14, 2023
  • Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: March 29, 2023
  • Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: May 15, 2023

FY 2023 IAL Application Instructions

The IAL Application Package is available for applicants to download and use as a guide only. This document can also be found on Grants.gov.  Unless the applicant qualifies for an exception to the electronic submission requirement, all IAL grant applications must be submitted electronically via Grants.gov.

FY 2023 IAL Application Instructions: PDF

Technical Assistance (TA) Pre-Application Meeting for Prospective Applicants

To assist applicants in preparing applications, the Department will host a TA meeting via Microsoft Teams for applicants interested in applying on:

Tuesday March 21, 2023 at 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Click here to join the meeting

Archive Information



PR/Award Grantee Name Award
S184S230001 Pioneer Union School District, CA $59,984
S184S230003 Happy Camp Elementary School District, CA $222,925
S184S230004 Hodges University, FL $285,772
S184S230005 Hardee County School District, FL $148,869
S184S230006 Hampton University, VA $214,317
S184S230007 Daytona State College, FL $31,491
S184S230008 Claflin University, SC $440,000
S184S230011 McSwain Union Elementary School District, CA $99,925


PR/Award Grantee Name Award
S184S220001 Plumas Alternative Learning Services, CA $115,314
S184S220002 Sojourner Truth Academy, MN $79,000
S184S220003 Boulder Valley School District, CO $1,317,979
S184S220004 Pacific Elementary School District, CA $36,353
S184S220005 Bonny Doon Union Elementary School District, CA $36,353
S184S220006 Greenville Schools, SC $360,784
S184S220007 Bridgewater College, VA $276,285

Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District

Distrito Escolar Independiente Consolidado de Uvalde

S184S220009 Southern University Law Center, LA $133,200
S184S220010 Oxford Area Community SD, MI $707,600
S184S220011 Intermediate District 287, MN $94,718
S184S220012 Tugaloo College, MS $423,790
S184S220013 Fayetteville State University, NC $83,284
S184S220014 Coppin State University, MD $130,190
S184S220015 Fisk University, TN $60,919
S184S220016 NC Central University, NC $213,500


List of grantees and award amounts


List of grantees and award amounts


List of grantees and award amounts











List of grantees and award amounts

Manasquan Board of Education
Manasquan, NJ

Milton Public Schools
Milton, MA

Schenectady City School District
Schenectady, NY


List of grantees and award amounts

Cleveland Metropolitan School District
Cleveland, OH

School District of Crandon
Crandon, WI

Essex Town School District
Essex Junction, VT

Montgomery County Public Schools
Christiansburg, VA

Lakeview Public School District
Cottonwood, MN

Mid-Del Schools
Oklahoma City, OK

Montgomery County Public Schools
Christiansburg, VA

Northern Illinois University
Dekalb, IL





Applicant Information


Under the Project SERV grant, the Department provides short-term support after a traumatic event to affected local educational agencies (LEAs) or institutions of higher education (IHEs). These grants are intended to provide a limited amount of funds to meet acute needs and restore the learning environment. At the discretion of the Secretary, funding amounts and project periods may be established (subject to the availability of appropriations) to reflect the scope of the incident and potential recovery needs.

The application process is not intended to be burdensome. Typically, applications include a narrative of about 4-5 pages and contain the following information:

  1. Description of the school district (i.e., small, rural district with enrollment of X students, demographic information, etc.)
  2. Description of the incident.
  3. Description of the impact the incident has had on the learning environment.
    1. Please include, as much as possible, data which reflects this impact, e.g. increased student/faculty absences, increased visits to nurse/school counselor/psychologist, etc.
    2. Please display data in pre vs. post incident format, whenever possible
  4. Explanation of proposed activities designed to restore the learning environment
    1. Please clearly stipulate roles and responsibilities of personnel offering services, wherever applicable
    2. Please include proposed end date of grant award
  5. Budget and budget narrative
    1. Wherever applicable, please distinguish between reimbursement and prospective expenses.

For further information on applying for a Project SERV grant please contact hamed.negron-perez@ed.gov.

For additional information on applying for a Project SERV grant following a natural disaster, please contact Maria.Rowan@ed.gov.