Subpart 3 – Subgrants to Eligible Partnerships


    In this subpart:

      (1) ELIGIBLE PARTNERSHIP- The term eligible partnership’ means an entity that —

        (A) shall include —

          (i) a private or State institution of higher education and the division of the institution that prepares teachers and principals;

          (ii) a school of arts and sciences; and

          (iii) a high-need local educational agency; and

        (B) may include another local educational agency, a public charter school, an elementary school or secondary school, an educational service agency, a nonprofit educational organization, another institution of higher education, a school of arts and sciences within such an institution, the division of such an institution that prepares teachers and principals, a nonprofit cultural organization, an entity carrying out a prekindergarten program, a teacher organization, a principal organization, or a business.

      (2) LOW-PERFORMING SCHOOL- The term low-performing school’ means an elementary school or secondary school that is identified under section 1116.


    (a) IN GENERAL- The State agency for higher education for a State that receives a grant under section 2111, working in conjunction with the State educational agency (if such agencies are separate), shall use the funds reserved under section 2113(a)(2) to make subgrants, on a competitive basis, to eligible partnerships to enable such partnerships to carry out the activities described in section 2134.

    (b) DISTRIBUTION- The State agency for higher education shall ensure that —

      (1) such subgrants are equitably distributed by geographic area within a State; or

      (2) eligible partnerships in all geographic areas within the State are served through the subgrants.

    (c) SPECIAL RULE- No single participant in an eligible partnership may use more than 50 percent of the funds made available to the partnership under this section.


    To be eligible to receive a subgrant under this subpart, an eligible partnership shall submit an application to the State agency for higher education at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the agency may require.


    (a) IN GENERAL- An eligible partnership that receives a subgrant under section 2132 shall use the subgrant funds for —

      (1) professional development activities in core academic subjects to ensure that —

        (A) teachers and highly qualified paraprofessionals, and, if appropriate, principals have subject matter knowledge in the academic subjects that the teachers teach, including the use of computer related technology to enhance student learning; and

        (B) principals have the instructional leadership skills that will help such principals work most effectively with teachers to help students master core academic subjects; and

      (2) developing and providing assistance to local educational agencies and individuals who are teachers, highly qualified paraprofessionals, or principals of schools served by such agencies, for sustained, high-quality professional development activities that —

        (A) ensure that the individuals are able to use challenging State academic content standards and student academic achievement standards, and State assessments, to improve instructional practices and improve student academic achievement;

        (B) may include intensive programs designed to prepare such individuals who will return to a school to provide instruction related to the professional development described in subparagraph (A) to other such individuals within such school; and

        (C) may include activities of partnerships between one or more local educational agencies, one or more schools served by such local educational agencies, and one or more institutions of higher education for the purpose of improving teaching and learning at low-performing schools.

    (b) COORDINATION- An eligible partnership that receives a subgrant to carry out this subpart and a grant under section 203 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 shall coordinate the activities carried out under this subpart and the activities carried out under that section 203.


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