Sheila M. Frost

Opaa! Food Management, Inc.
Chesterfield, MO
Sheila M. Frost, Vice President, Business Development Administration

The Waynesville School District is working in partnership with Opaa! Food Management to serve meals to students attending school in person and students enrolled in the Tiger Virtual Academy.  The majority of students are served on campus.  The district currently serves an average of 8800 meals per day including breakfast, lunch, and CACFP after school meals.  The district has 9 buildings with three of them located on the Fort Leonard Wood Army base.  Developing a plan to serve nutritious meals to students safely was a team effort between the school district and Opaa!  The foodservice staff wear masks at all times, practices social distancing and proper sanitation.

Elementary students are offered two choices.  Meals are packaged in hinged containers with lids, placed in a tote on wheels and rolled to each classroom for breakfast.  Totes are picked up, sanitized and wheeled to the classroom again for lunch and once again for CACFP meals in the afternoon.

Middle School and High School students are offered 2-3 meal choices.  Students are dismissed one class at a time to pick-up meals from stations set up in the hallways.  Service is safe, fast and efficient.  Using this method, 350 students can be served in as little as 10 minutes.

Ryan Murphy, Opaa!’s Director of Nutrition Services is highly complimentary of the foodservice team in Waynesville and their tireless dedication to serving kids.  The team served students all summer long and transitioned to serving meals at school as well as virtually when school resumed in August. Many positive comments have been received from students, teachers and the community.  They are grateful for the meals served to their students each day.