Services to Students

A CAMP project provides services to assist participants in completing their first year of college, to assure the success of the participants in meeting the project’s objectives, and in succeeding in an academic program of study at the Institute of Higher Education (IHE). The types of allowable services include:

  • Outreach and recruitment services to eligible persons
  • Personal, academic, and career counseling
  • Tutoring and academic skill building instruction and assistance
  • Assistance with special admissions
  • Health services
  • Assistance in obtaining student financial aid
  • Housing support for students living in institutional facilities and commuting students
  • Exposure to cultural events, academic programs, and other educational/cultural activities not available to migrant youth
  • Internships

In addition, a CAMP project must provide follow up services for students after they have completed their first year of college. However, grantees may not use more than 10 percent of their awarded funds for follow up services. Follow up services could include:

  • Monitoring and reporting the academic progress of a student’s first year of college and their subsequent years in college
  • Referring students to on- or off- campus providers of counseling services, academic assistance, or financial aid