School Support and Rural Programs

School Support and Rural Programs (SSRP) provide funds for education technology, school facilities, parent information assistance centers, and comprehensive education assistance centers. Our office also administers the implementation of flexibility provisions in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Evaluation Guide

NewEvaluation Matters is a free guide to help educators and administrators with little or no formal training in evaluation become active partners with their evaluators to ensure that evaluations are tailored to the needs of states, school districts, and schools.

Evaluation Matters: Getting the Information You Need from Your Evaluation (Draft)

Evaluation Matters explains how to build evaluation into program planning and decision-making step by step. A draft version is provided so that grantees, educators, technical assistance providers, and others can start using the guide and send us suggestions on ways to improve it. The guide provides electronic hyperlinks to additional resources, including observation protocols, surveys, rubrics, and other evaluation instruments, as well as publications on evaluation design, logic models, data collection and analysis, ethical issues, pitfalls to avoid, and using findings for program improvement. Though examples show how educators could use evaluation in everyday practice for technology programs, the principles and steps in the guide can be used to evaluate all kinds of education programs.

Download the Complete Evaluation Guide

Evaluation Matters

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