School Profile C: Charlie High School

Charlie High School is located in a midsize American city and has been in operation for more than 50 years. Charlie High currently serves approximately 1,000 students and is one of the most racially diverse schools in the region. Charlie High is well-known across the community for having dedicated staff and a welcoming atmosphere; however, the school population has been changing over the past several years to include more students who are homeless, recently arrived immigrants, or over-age and under-credited. Nearly all students currently enrolled come from lower socio-economic households and face challenges related to inter-generational poverty, educational attainment, and racial discrimination. Charlie High is housed in an outdated building with many failing facilities, and although the school is due to move into a newly renovated building, this move has been frequently delayed. Students attending Charlie High come from all over the city, though most students live within a 45-minute bus commute in the morning. Many students come to Charlie High after dropping or failing out of a previous high school, yet Charlie High is not an alternative high school and has many traditional students (e.g., those without schooling interruptions, those on-track to graduate on time) as well.

This profile of Charlie High’s root case analysis process includes three main parts:

yellow speech bubble Part 1: Developing a Problem Statement
different types of charts Part 2: Identifying Causes
light bulb shaped puzzle with one piece separated Part 3: Identifying Solutions