Resources to Support EBP Step 4: Implement

The following tools and resources may be useful as states and districts consider how to monitor implementation to ensure success. 

Resources for States

The Implementation Playbook (link is external)

This set of resources from the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders includes guidance, tools, and planning templates for implementing strategies and strategic plans. The tools, while written through the lens of ED’s Equitable Access to Excellent Educators Initiative, are issue agnostic and can be used effectively to support implementation of strategies or plans in any area. 

Using Leading Indicators to Monitor and Support School Improvement

Studies indicate it can take three to five years for turnaround efforts to impact overall student achievement, but leading indicators provide early evidence that can be used to gauge whether a school is on track to improve and to guide mid-course corrections that can increase the success rate of a turnaround initiative. This Reform Support Network brief examines current state practices for collecting and using leading indicators, and identifies emerging promising practices in several states.

State Examples

Comprehensive School Improvement Plans (CSIPs)/Comprehensive District Improvement Plans (CDIPs) Monitoring Instrument (link is external)

Team members from Kentucky’s Office of Continuous Improvement and Support use this 7-page instrument to help schools and districts with improvement planning. The goal is to help ensure plans are developed and implemented effectively. Consolidated monitoring ensures that schools and districts are in compliance with state and federal regulations supports more effective programs through collaboration and self-evaluation.

Priority and Focus School Monitoring Tool (link is external)

Designed for use at the district level, this state of Pennsylvania template helps users review a school’s progress on implementing its improvement plan. It suggests documents to review for evidence and provides space for capturing information from interviews.