LC1 Post-Work Assignment: Brainstorm

File learning_cycle_1_postwork_key_qs_for_developing_a_needs_assessment.docx


1. Watch the <4 minute video on the 3 Organizing Principles: <>

2. Please click the Learning Cycle 1 post-work file to the right (in the gray sidebar to the right) to download the worksheet. With your team, discuss the 4 Success Elements from LC1 (needs-driven, diverse and rigorous data, statekholder engagement, and collaborative identification of needs), and fill out the table of key questions that need to be answered regarding process, content, and presentation of your collaborative needs assessment.

3. On page 2 of the post-work, please respond to the prompts about CoP Norms and Expectations: What are the norms and expectations we should put in place to help facilitate our community interactions and activities in our online spaces?

4. Begin to build resources for your CNA by creating a sub-folder for your state in the Resource Library folder called STATES (click the gear to the right of the main folder, select “create file” from the list of options, and name it after your state, then follow the steps for adding the file). Please save the post-work document there. 

5. Respond to the dicussion threads on:

   – Defining success for our CoP

   – Reflecting on the success elements

6. Get excited for LC2 (Thursday, September 14th at 10:00-11:30am EST)!

LC1 Post-Work Assignment: Brainstorm