Community Space Content Types

As a member of this community, you’ll access, create, and comment on several types of content. Each page in your community space has a menu (recreated below) that allows you to access and create each type of content. Below, you’ll find brief descriptions of each type and how it’s used in this community.

The Space Home page is the central hub for your CoP. It includes a description of the CoP as well as the main activity feed. On the activity feed, you can see recent content, activity, and comments.

The Calendar gives you access to a listing of all CoP events, such as learning cycle meetings or due dates for pre-work. You can click on any event on the calendar to get key information such as the webinar link and phone number; you can also click the Add to Calendar button on the event listing to download it directly to your personal calendar (such as Outlook or Google).

Collaborative Documents are similar to wikis or any type of content created within the community space (this article is a Document). Collaborative Documents are different than “Files” in that they have a description and page in the community to which a file may be attached, and comments are open. 

The Discussion section is the most common area of the CoP space. The SME, facilitator, and any member may post discussion activities, ask and answer questions, or make announcements in this section. Comments and replies are threaded below the main post and attributed to the people who made them.

The Members section lists all the members of the CoP and shows a preview of their profile pictures. You can click on any member’s name to see their pictures and learn about them via their bios.

The Resource Library is a system of file folders for organizing content. You can find files and documents for download, recordings of learning cycle webinars, and example tools and resources shared by your fellow members. In addition to Collaborative Documents (described above) the Resource Library includes Files. Files are items such as PDFs, images, PPTs, etc. that are loaded directly to the CoP space. When you click on a File, that file opens directly in your browser and you can view and download it.

Community Space Content Types