State Support for School Identification and Improvement

The State Support for School Identification and Improvement community of practice (CoP) addresses the link between school identification and continuous improvement practices. It will support state education agencies (SEAs) to evaluate their school identification processes, which in turn affects how improvement efforts are delivered and supported locally. This CoP also aims to improve the tools, protocols, and technical assistance that SEAs use to support the district and school improvement planning process. Specifically, the CoP will increase states’ capacity to:

  1. Monitor and evaluate school identification decisions and subsequent system dependencies;
  2. Align accountability-based identification and improvement-based support structures within and outside of the SEA;
  3. Support the use of district- and school-level needs assessment results, including data-driven root cause analyses of performance challenges; and
  4. Help districts focus on highest-priority improvement strategies that align resources and interventions, ensure implementation effectiveness, and promote sustainable improvements in low-performing schools.