Resource Allocation Review

The Resource Allocation Review CoP will provide an opportunity for interested state teams to carefully consider available options for designing and implementing a resource allocation eview process that meets the needs of schools and districts. State teams will include representatives from the SEA departments of school improvement, accountability, federal programs, and finance, as well as select LEAs. Over the course of six learning cycles, CoP participants will develop a better understanding of the resource reviews and their importance, make the connection to school improvement, and work through the mechanics and logistics of implementing the reviews. Virtual learning cycles will ideally be supplemented by independent work for the CoP participants, engagement via the online space, individualized technical assistance as appropriate (and approved through a separate process), and potentially in-person meetings at existing conferences and convenings (if available and participants will already be traveling to said events). The need for individualized technical assistance in addition to the CoP will be determined based on State needs once the CoP is underway. These newly prepared State teams will serve as models to all states on how to purposefully link resource allocation and school improvement efforts.