Private Schools


  • September 2006 – Ensuring Equitable Services to Private School Children Tool Kit PDF (1.8M) This is a temporary document that provides examples of the ways in which various LEAs and private school officials have addressed Title I requirements to serve eligible private school children. It is intended as a resource to supplement the nonregulatory guidance of Title I Services to Eligible Private School Children.



    • NewApril 16, 2012 – Serving Preschool Children Under Title I, Non-Regulatory Guidance Title I Preschool Guidance
    • October 17, 2003 – Title I Services to Eligible Private School Children, Non-Regulatory Guidance

2008 – Title I Fiscal Issues: Maintenance of Effort, Comparability, Supplement not Supplant, Carryover, Consolidating Funds in Schoolwide Programs, Grantback Requirements