Part F – Evaluations


    (a) RESERVATION OF FUNDS- Except as provided in subsections (b) and (c), the Secretary may reserve not more than 0.5 percent of the amount appropriated to carry out each categorical program and demonstration project authorized under this Act —

      (1) to conduct —

        (A) comprehensive evaluations of the program or project; and

        (B) studies of the effectiveness of the program or project and its administrative impact on schools and local educational agencies;

      (2) to evaluate the aggregate short- and long-term effects and cost efficiencies across Federal programs assisted or authorized under this Act and related Federal preschool, elementary, and secondary programs under any other Federal law; and

      (3) to increase the usefulness of evaluations of grant recipients in order to ensure the continuous progress of the program or project by improving the quality, timeliness, efficiency, and use of information relating to performance under the program or project.

    (b) TITLES I AND III EXCLUDED- The Secretary may not reserve under subsection (a) funds appropriated to carry out any program authorized under title I or title III.

    (c) EVALUATION ACTIVITIES AUTHORIZED ELSEWHERE- If, under any other provision of this Act (other than title I), funds are authorized to be reserved or used for evaluation activities with respect to a program or project, the Secretary may not reserve additional funds under this section for the evaluation of that program or project.’.


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