Oregon Assessment Letter 2

November 8, 2000

Stan Bunn
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Oregon Department of Education
255 Capitol Street, N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97310

Dear Superintendent Bunn:

Thank you for letter of October 10, 2000 describing Oregon’s plan to fully meet the final assessment requirements under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

The plan has been carefully reviewed and found to provide sufficient documentation that the following changes will be made prior to the 2000-2001 test administration:

  • Oregon will provide copies of reports documenting the disaggregation of test results for students with disabilities compared to non-disabled students prepared for distribution this fall as soon as they are completed, but no later than Oregon’s 2000-2001 test administration.
  • Oregon will submit by January 2001 how it intends to disaggregate the performance of economically disadvantaged students compared to students who are not economically disadvantaged for the 2000-2001 test results.
  • Oregon will include all special education students in either the regular state assessment or alternate or extended assessment and include those results in the state, district, and school reports, as statistically feasible, and the accountability system. The results of limited English proficient students who take the assessment in a modified form will also be included in all reports and the state accountability system. The State Board of Education will take action on the formula for inclusion of these students in the state accountability system by January 2001. Oregon will then submit evidence of this action to the Department.

When the Department has reviewed evidence of the changes outlined above, Oregon will be granted full approval of its final assessment system under Title I. The approval of this plan to meet the Title I assessment requirements makes Oregon eligible to apply for Ed-Flex. It is my understanding that your Ed-Flex application has been received and is under review. If you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to call me.


Michael Cohen

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