OIE Organization and Contacts


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Contact Information

Formula Team

The Formula Team reviews all formula grants to LEA applications for approval and answers all programmatic questions from grantees regarding the formula grant program.

Formula Team Members Telephone Contact Information
Dr. Crystal C. Moore, Ed.D., Formula Group Leader 202-453-5593 crystal.moore@ed.gov
Annabelle Toledo, B.A., Program Specialist 202-260-1581 annabelle.toledo@ed.gov
Wanda Lee, M.Ed., Program Specialist 202-453-7262  wanda.lee@ed.gov
Dr. Marie Julienne, Ph.D., Program Specialist 202-453-7837 marie.julienne@ed.gov
Tawanda Avery, M.Ed-SPED, Program Specialist 202-243-7236 tawanda.avery2@ed.gov


Discretionary Team

The Discretionary Team works with both the Demonstration Grants for Indian Children and Professional Development programs. All programmatic and administrative questions on discretionary grant programs may be referred to the members on this team.

Discretionary Team Members Telephone Contact Information
Dr. Donna Sabis-Burns, Ph.D., Discretionary Group Leader  202-453-7077 donna.sabis-burns@ed.gov
Angela Hernandez, M.A., L.A.S./M.P. Aff. PD Program Officer 202-205-1909 angela.hernandez@ed.gov
Shahla Ortega, M.A., STEP Program Officer 202-453-5602 shahla.ortega@ed.gov
Bianca Williams, M.P.A., Demo-ACE Program Officer 202-453-5671  bianca.williams@ed.gov
Donna Bussell, M.Ed., Demo-NYCP Program Officer 202-453-6813 donna.bussell@ed.gov
Jennifer Leo, M.Ed., NAL@ED Program Officer 202-453-7089 diana.leo@ed.gov


Last Modified: 03/26/2021