Indian Education Professional Development

The program is designed to prepare and train Indians to serve as teachers and school administrators. Professional development grants are awarded to: increase the number of qualified individuals in professions that serve American Indians; provide training to qualified American Indians to become teachers, administrators, teacher aides, social workers, and ancillary education personnel; and improve the skills of those qualified American Indians who already serve in these capacities. Individuals trained under this program must perform work related to their training and that benefits Indian people or repay the assistance received.

Types of Projects

The absolute funding priorities for the program in FY 2016 limit project services to preservice training for teachers and preservice training for school administrators.

Contact Information

  • Angela Hernandez-Marshall
    Education Program Specialist
    Indian Education Formula Grants
    U.S. Department of Education, OESE
    400 Maryland Ave SW
    Washington, DC 20202
Last Modified: 05/11/2020