Key Documents


The Office of School Support and Accountability (SSA) is committed to supporting States as they implement Federal grant programs. This page provides documents for key SSA activities – including information about:

  • ESEA consolidated State plans and amendments to each State’s plan
  • Waivers requested by States of ESEA requirements
  • Department peer review of State assessment systems
  • SSA performance reports regarding State implementation of ESEA programs.

The documents are provided below in a sortable, searchable table or by selecting a State from the map.

ESEA Consolidated State Plans

To received funds under the ESEA, a State must have an approved consolidated State plan under section 8302 of the ESSA. The purpose of the consolidated State plan is to provide parents with quality, transparent information about how the ESEA, as amended by the ESSA, will be implemented in their State. Once approved, a State may request to amend its plan as it makes changes to improve its implementation of ESEA programs. More information about consolidated State plans can be found here.

Performance Review

As part of our responsibility for fiscal and programmatic oversight and identify areas in which States need assistance and support to meet their goals and obligations, SSA periodically assesses the extent to which State educational agencies (SEAs) provide leadership and guidance for local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools in implementing policies and procedures that comply with the provisions of our ESEA programs. SSA established a process for conducting these performance review, using the following protocols:

SEA Self-Assessment and Protocol


The Department conducts a peer review of the technical quality of State assessment systems to determine it meets the statutory and regulatory requirements under Title I of the ESEA. Assessment peer review is the process through which a State demonstrates the technical soundness of its assessment system. Following each peer review, the Department provides formal feedback to the State along with the peer notes. More information about the Department’s work on standards and assessment systems can be found here.

State by State Information

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