English Language Acquisition State Grants

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This program is designed to improve the education of limited English proficient (LEP) children and youths by helping them learn English and meet challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards. The program provides enhanced instructional opportunities for immigrant children and youths. Funds are distributed to states based on a formula that takes into account the number of immigrant and LEP students in each state.


States must develop annual measurable achievement objectives for LEP students that measure their success in achieving English language proficiency and meeting challenging state academic content and achievement standards. Schools use the funds to implement language instruction educational programs designed to help LEP students achieve these standards. Approaches and methodologies used must be based on scientifically based research. Local educational agency (LEAs) may develop and implement new language instruction programs and expand or enhance existing programs. LEAs also may implement schoolwide programs within individual schools or implement systemwide programs to restructure, reform, or upgrade all programs, activities, or operations related to the education of their LEP students.

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  • Faatimah Muhammad, Group Leader
    English Language Acquisition State Grants
    U.S. Department of Education, OESE
    Office of Student Support and Accountability
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English Language Acquisition State Grants