Applicant Information


Under the Project SERV grant, the Department provides short-term support after a traumatic event to affected local educational agencies (LEAs) or institutions of higher education (IHEs). These grants are intended to provide a limited amount of funds to meet acute needs and restore the learning environment. At the discretion of the Secretary, funding amounts and project periods may be established (subject to the availability of appropriations) to reflect the scope of the incident and potential recovery needs.

The application process is not intended to be burdensome. Typically, applications include a narrative of about 4-5 pages and contain the following information:

  1. Description of the school district (i.e., small, rural district with enrollment of X students, demographic information, etc.)
  2. Description of the incident.
  3. Description of the impact the incident has had on the learning environment.
    1. Please include, as much as possible, data which reflects this impact, e.g. increased student/faculty absences, increased visits to nurse/school counselor/psychologist, etc.
    2. Please display data in pre vs. post incident format, whenever possible
  4. Explanation of proposed activities designed to restore the learning environment
    1. Please clearly stipulate roles and responsibilities of personnel offering services, wherever applicable
    2. Please include proposed end date of grant award
  5. Budget and budget narrative
    1. Wherever applicable, please distinguish between reimbursement and prospective expenses.

For further information on applying for a Project SERV grant please contact

For additional information on applying for a Project SERV grant following a natural disaster, please contact