DUNS Support and FAQs

A DUNS number is a unique 9-digit number that identifies a local educational agency’s (LEA) legal business name and physical address. DUNS numbers are issued by a private company, Dun & Bradstreet. Once issued, DUNS numbers must then be activated in, the U.S. Department of Treasury’s System for Award Management, to confirm that the LEA can legally receive grant funds from the Department of Education (Department). An LEA’s DUNS number must be reactivated every year in in order to access its SRSA grant funds in, the Department’s financial management system. Included below are some frequently asked questions regarding how to create or activate your LEA’s DUNS number.

If on file with the Department, your LEA’s DUNS number will auto-populate into your SRSA grant application each year. If the DUNS number field is blank in the SRSA application, you must obtain your LEA’s DUNS number through Dun & Bradstreet.
  1. Go to Dun & Bradstreet Support.
  2. Click on Federal Government Contractors or Grantees DUNS Number Support
  3. Click on DUNS Number Search / Look-up
  4. Follow the instructions to look-up your LEA’s DUNS number in the database to ensure your LEA does not already have a DUNS number. Make sure to enter the LEA name and physical address exactly how it appears on legal documents. Note: there can only be one DUNS number for each LEA.
    1. If the search yields no results that match your LEA, go back to Dun & Bradstreet Support and follow the steps to Create a New DUNS Number. The address you provide cannot be a P.O. Box. Once Dun and Bradstreet confirms your DUNS number registration, enter this DUNS number into your SRSA application. It should take 24 hours to process.
    2. If the search yields a DUNS number that matches your LEA’s information, please enter this DUNS number into your SRSA application. Also note its expiration date by entering the DUNS number into the Status Tracker. If it has already expired or will expire around July 1 of the current year, please update your registration in using this guide.
Yes, if you created an entirely new DUNS for your LEA, you then need to create a account once your DUNS number has been confirmed by Dun & Bradstreet. It generally takes about 24 hours to receive this confirmation. Please follow the steps in this guide to register a new DUNS number in
You must update your DUNS number in Dun & Bradstreet when your LEA’s legal business name or physical address changes. This includes if your LEA is part of a merger or consolidation. If your LEA is part of a merger or consolidation, please notify the REAP team at before updating your DUNS number.
Yes, Dun & Bradstreet will notify when you update your DUNS number, but the changes will not be made until you log in to your account and update your registration. Please follow the steps in this guide to update your registration.
To check the status of your DUNS number, please enter your DUNS number into the Status Tracker. You will receive a message that shows your LEA’s name and whether the DUNS number is currently “active”, “in progress”, “inactive”, or has errors.
If the results of your tracker search yield an “inactive” or “mandatory errors” message, please contact directly for further assistance. You can contact by starting an live chat or calling 1-866-606-8220.
Yes, both the high school and elementary school, although part of the same district or within the same location, must have their own unique DUNS number if they are considered separate LEAs and apply for separate SRSA grants.
If you would like to speak directly to a Dun & Bradstreet agent, please follow these steps:
  1. Call the DUNS Government Office directly at 866-705-5711.
  2. After hearing the recorded prompt, “Are you applying for COVID Relief Funding?”, say “No.”
  3. At the next recorded message, wait for the prompt “For all other calls, Say ‘Something Else’” and say, “Something Else.”
  4. You will then be connected with an agent.