Peer-To-Peer Activities

Intended for a small group of participants, Peer-to-Peers (P2Ps) sessions bring together States and district partners around a particular challenge, problem of practice, or strategy. Experts provide a framework to provide a general overview of the content. States and districts share promising practices and strategies discuss candidly their successes as well as their challenges.

Current Activities

There are currently no P2P activities for 2023.

Previous Activities

The SEAC engaged SEAs and LEAs in its first Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network, from November 2020 to June 2021. The P2P focused on two topical strands—attendance data and attendance supports. Participants shared challenges, promising practices, and strategies with one another, and piloted a checklist tool for attendance support. Examples of topics addressed included defining and implementing key attendance terminology; school climate; social and emotional learning; and adapting attendance practices for hybrid or remote settings. Subject matter experts provided national context, expertise, and guidance to support the P2P sessions.

From January to September 2022, the second P2P Learning Network began with seven states: California, Delaware, New Jersey, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington. P2P sessions focused on either a “question of practice” from leaders in the field or relevant topics presented by subject matter experts. For example, the Greater Omaha Attendance and Learning Services (GOALS) Center in Nebraska, an organization that aims to “address absenteeism and at-risk behavior through encouragement of coordinated efforts to improve student attendance and learning” led the first P2P field session. Subject matter experts including Lacy Wood, principal technical assistance consultant for the American Institutes for Research, and Jane Groff, executive director of the Kansas Parent Information Resource, shared equitable practices for engaging students and families to improve engagement. Read a summary of the 2022 P2P on the blogs page to the right.