Comprehensive Center Grantees (2019-2024)

Regional Comprehensive Centers

Note: The Comprehensive Centers’ Applications are coming soon!

Region 1: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont American Institutes for Research Waltham, MA Susan Therriault, Co-Director Ellen Cushing, Director Phone: (202) 403-5524

Region 2: Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island WestEd Brooklyn, NY Sarah Barzee , Director Phone: (860) 638-8461

Region 3: Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Educational Testing Services Hato Rey, PR John Lockwood, Director Phone: (813) 957-0089

Region 4: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Policy Study Associates, Inc Washington, DC Jeanine Hildreth, Director Phone: (202) 939-5324

Region 5: Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia Westat, Inc. Charleston, WV Kimberly Hambrick, Director Phone: (304) 206-6819

Region 6: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Browns Summit, NC George Hancock, Director Phone: (336) 315-7435

Region 7: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi RMC Research Corporation Tampa, FL Robin Jarvis, Director Phone: (813) 915-0010

Region 8: Indiana, Michigan, Ohio ICF Incorporated LLC Ann Arbor, MI Caitlin Howley, Co-Director Thomas “T.J.” Horwood, Co-Director Phone: (734) 926-0949

Region 9: Illinois, Iowa American Institutes for Research Chicago, IL Aaron Butler, Director Phone: (312) 288-7612

Region 10: Minnesota, Wisconsin The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System Madison, WI<br Kim Gibbons, Co-Director Phone: (612) 625-9751 Alisia Moutry, Co-Director Phone: (608) 261-1938

Region 11: Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming McREL International Cheyenne, WY Joseph Simpson, Co-Director Susan Shebby, Co-Director Phone: (307) 222-5261

Region 12: Colorado, Kansas, Missouri McREL International Denver, CO Dale Lewis, Director Phone: (303) 632-5522

Region 13: Bureau of Indian Education, New Mexico, Oklahoma WestEd Santa Fe, NM Marie Mancuso, Director Phone (602) 549-3955

Region 14: Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas Westat, Inc. Austin, TX Kristen Nafziger, Director Phone: (512) 893-4503

Region 15: Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah WestEd Sacramento, CA Kandace Jones, Co-Director Kate Wright, Co-Director Phone: (916) 492-4073

Region 16: Alaska, Oregon, Washington SERRC (Southeast Regional Resource Center) Juneau, AK Bernie Sorenson, Director Phone: (907) 586-6806

Region 17: Idaho, Montana Education Northwest Boise, ID Jennifer Esswein, Director Phone: (503) 275-9636

Region 18: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Palau Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) Pohnpei, FSM Emerson Odango, Director Phone: (808) 441-1300

Region 19: American Samoa, Hawaii, Republic of the Marshall Islands Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL) Honolulu, HI Melly Wilson, Director Phone: (808) 441-1354

National Comprehensive Center

National Comprehensive Center Westat, Inc. Rockville, MD Allison Crean Davis, Director Jill Lammert, Co-Director Phone: (240) 314-2418

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