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What’s New

In FY 2021, the U.S. Department of Education awarded approximately $17 million in new grants for the Assistance for Arts Education (AAE) grant program.  Out of the 96 applications reviewed, we were able to fund 27 grants representing 15 states. For more information about these awards and other past competitions, visit the Awards page.

Program Overview

The  Assistance for Arts Education (AAE) program promotes arts education for students, including disadvantaged students and students who are children with disabilities, through activities such as (a) professional development for arts educators, teachers, and principals; (b) development and dissemination of accessible instructional materials and arts-based educational programming, including online resources, in multiple arts disciplines; and (c) community and national outreach activities that strengthen and expand partnerships among schools, local educational agencies (LEAs), communities, or centers for the arts, including national centers for the arts.

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