Applicant Info and Eligibility

Applicant Information

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Who May Apply:

A Local Education Agency (LEA) in which 20 percent or more of the students served by the LEA are from families with an income below the Federal poverty line, and which may be a charter school that is considered an LEA under State law and regulations, and that works in partnership with one or more of the following

  1. A Regional Service Agency;
  2. A State Education Agency (SEA);
  3. An institution of higher education; or
  4. A museum or cultural institution, or another private agency, institution or organization.

Eligibility Requirement:

Applicants must propose to implement professional development programs for arts educators and other instructional staff serving schools that meet the following requirement: 50 percent of more of the students served by the K-12 school are from low-income families (based on the poverty criteria in Title I, Section 1113(a)(5) of the ESEA).