Included below is information regarding the new awards made in each fiscal year since FY 2009.

Fiscal Year (FY) Number of new awards
FY 2015 1
FY 2010 – 2014 0
FY 2009 1*

Complete List of Opportunity Scholarship Program Grants MS Excel (32 KB)

Year Awarded Grantee Project Title Duration (Years) Amount available for Year 1 activities City State Abstract Application Reviewers’ Comments
Funded FY 2015 Applications
2015 Serving Our Children DC Opportunity Scholarship Program 3 $13,198,800 Washington DC
Year awarded Grantee Project Title Duration (Years) Year 1 City State Abstract Application Reviewer’s comments
Funded FY 2010 Applications
2010 DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation (Trust) DC Opportunity Scholarship Program 5 $13,200,000 Washington DC