FY 2023 Competition

FY 2023 Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Competitions


FY 2023 Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Competition Announcement



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The following competition-specific Notices include additional details:

Application Materials for Early-phase and Mid-phase Competitions

Each application will be reviewed under the competition it was submitted under in the Grants.gov system, and only applications that are successfully submitted by the established deadline will be peer reviewed. Applicants should be careful that they download the intended EIR application package and to submit their applications under the intended EIR competition.

  • Early-phase Application Package (Forthcoming)
  • Mid-phase Application Package (Forthcoming)
  • Expansion Application Package (Forthcoming)

Notice of Intent to Apply

Applicants are strongly encouraged to notify the Department of intent to submit an application for funding under the Education Innovation and Research Program (EIR). Please note that an entity that submits a notice of intent to apply is not obligated to apply for an EIR grant, nor is it bound to the information provided in its notice of intent to apply.

  • Early-phase: Forthcoming
  • Mid-phase: Forthcoming
  • Expansion: Forthcoming

Eligibility Checklist Documents

This Eligibility Checklist document provides guidance on how applicants may consider documenting the eligibility requirements. Applicants may consider attaching their documentation for eligibility requirements to the SF 424 Form and Appendix F.

  • Applicant Eligibility Instructions—Early-phase Grants (Forthcoming)
  • Applicant Eligibility Instructions—Mid-phase Grants (Forthcoming)
  • Applicant Eligibility Instructions—Expansion Grants (Forthcoming)

Potential Applicant Resources

These following resources are meant to organize key details about the EIR program for preparing an application. If you are planning to apply to EIR, you should read carefully the specific notice inviting applications (NIA) and application package for the competition to which you are applying. These resources are for information purposes only, and applicants should rely upon the NIA for the official competition requirements.

Title Description Resource Further Information

Basic information for new applicants about:

  • Program purpose
  • Tiered structure
  • Evidence expectations
  • Eligibility
Previously recorded
Program Overview and Application Considerations

Ideas for potential applicants

  • Opportunity for Q&A on 101 content
  • Considerations for preparing an application (including tips from existing grantees)
  • Key takeaways from recent trend data
March 23, 2023 at 1:00 PM, ET

Key elements in the Notice Inviting Applications:

  • Priorities
  • Selection Criteria
  • Key Resources and Dates
  • Call for Peer Reviewers
Forthcoming Following release of NIA
Organizing and Submitting an Application
  • Documents to Include in an Application
  • Applying in Grants.gov
Office hour session
Preparing a Budget Narrative
  • Cost principles
  • Considerations by cost category
  • Prohibition on subgrants
Application Instructions    Office hour session
  • Evidence requirements and resources, by tier
Office hour session
Program Requirements
  • Matching
  • Serving high-need students
  • Reporting requirements
  • Other requirements
Program Requirements  Office hour session