EIR Matching Resources

EIR Matching Requirements

Cost Sharing or Matching: Under section 4611 of the ESEA, as amended by ESSA, each grant recipient must provide, from Federal, State, local, or private sources, an amount equal to 10 percent of funds provided under the grant, which may be provided in cash or through in-kind contributions, to carry out activities supported by the grant. Grantees must include a budget showing their matching contributions on an annual basis relative to the annual budget amount of EIR grant funds and must provide evidence of their matching contributions for the first year of the grant in their grant applications.

Securing the EIR Matching Requirement: A Resource for Applicants

Potential grantees under the U.S. Department of Education’s EIR program are responsible for obtaining matching funds or in-kind donations. The following documents provide some potential resources that may be useful for securing the required matching funding.

  • EIR Guidance and Examples of Adequate Evidence of Match
    We have provided examples of the type of documentation that, if submitted to the Department, would be deemed as adequate evidence of a match. MS Word (77 KB)
  • Sample Summary Sheet
    Also provided is an optional sample summary sheet to assist in recording matches. Excel (31 KB)
  • Matching Funds webinar | Slides
    This webinar provides general guidance as well as some helpful tips for securing and reporting matching funds.  Following the overview of the program requirements and submission process, EIR grantees share their suggestions and tips.