Eligibility and Historical EIR competition applicant information

Applicant Information


Eligible Applicants:

    1. (a) An LEA;
      (b) A State educational agency;
      (c) The Bureau of Indian Education;
      (d) A consortium of State educational agencies or LEAs;
      (e) A nonprofit organization; and
      (f) A State educational agency, an LEA, a consortium described in (d), or the Bureau of Indian Education, in partnership with
      1. (1) A nonprofit (as defined in this notice) organization;
        (2) A business;
        (3) An educational service agency; or
        (4) An institution of higher education.

To qualify as a rural applicant under the EIR program, an applicant must meet both of the following requirements:

    1. (a) The applicant is
      1. (1) An LEA with an urban-centric district locale code of 32, 33, 41, 42, or 43, as determined by the Secretary;
        (2) A consortium of such LEAs;
        (3) An educational service agency or a nonprofit organization in partnership with such an LEA; or
        (4) A grantee described in clause (1) or (2) in partnership with a State educational agency; and
    1. (b)  A majority of the schools to be served by the program are designated with a locale code of 32, 33, 41, 42, or 43, or a combination of such codes, as determined by the Secretary.