Funding and Legislation


Included in the chart below is the appropriations amount for program funding per fiscal year since FY 2014.


Fiscal Year (FY) Appropriations for new and continuation awards
FY 2020 $50,000,000
FY 2019 $43,092,000
FY 2018 $43,092,000
FY 2017 $43,092,000
FY 2016 $43,092,000
FY 2015 $40,592,000
FY 2014 $40,592,000


The Teacher Quality Partnership program statute is contained in Title II of the Higher Education Act, as amended on August 14, 2008, by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (Public Law 110-315) (HEA). Definitions for the program (including those for components of an eligible partnership) are contained in section 200 of the HEA, as amended, while the program authority itself is in Title II, Part A of that Act (section 201 – 204) PDF (2.35 MB)