Reimagine Workforce Preparation


84.425G (RWP)

Discretionary Grant

Congress set aside 1% of the $30.75 billion allotted to the Education Stabilization Fund through the CARES Act for grants to States with the highest coronavirus burden. The Department will make these grants available to States most affected by coronavirus through two separate grant competitions.

The Education Stabilization Fund-Reimagine Workforce Preparation Grants (ESF-RWP Grants) provide support to help States leverage the power of entrepreneurship to create new educational opportunities and pathways that help citizens return to work, small businesses recover, and new entrepreneurs thrive. These programs also build new capacity within the state to offer short-term postsecondary programs that are responsive to the needs of individuals to more rapidly adapt and evolve to ever changing workplace and community needs. This funding opportunity is offered under section 18001(a)(3) of Division B of the CARES Act.

Information for ESF-RWP is managed by the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) at:

A pre-application webinar for state workforce boards was held on Monday, June 29, 2020, at 2:00 pm ET. The presentation slide deck, recording and webinar transcript are posted below.

An additional pre-application webinar for state workforce boards was hosted by ED’s Office of Educational Technology on July 16, 2020 and focused on the ESF-RWP Program Requirement for publicly accessible, transparent, and interoperable credentials. The presentation slide deck and recording can be found at:

Questions for ESF-RWP may be directed to: