Nevada Assessment Letter 2

July 30, 2001

Jack W. McLaughlin
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Nevada Department of Education
700 East Fifth Street
Carson City, NV 89701-5096

Dear Superintendent McLaughlin:

Several months ago, Nevada requested a waiver of the timeline for compliance with the final assessment requirements of Section 1111(b)(3) and 1116(a) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The request was accompanied by a plan that addressed all concerns expressed by this office as a consequence of the review of Nevada’s final assessment program. One unresolved issue has been whether Nevada would have sufficient resources to carry out the proposed plan. The recent appropriation of funds by the Nevada legislature to support development of a standards-based assessment to be administered at grade 8 confirms that your state has both the determination and capacity to meet the assessment requirements of the current Title I legislation.

I agree to grant a two-year waiver of the timeline. The waiver will expire July 20, 2003. Until that time or such time as all items in the Nevada action plan and timeline are completed (whichever comes first), the Title I office will monitor Nevada’s progress in completing the activities described in the timeline. Evidence of completion of key activities may take the form of extant documents, such as a test blueprint, communications with districts describing testing procedures for students with limited English proficiency, or sample assessment reports.

I appreciate your cooperation in making the changes in the Nevada assessment system that are necessary for full compliance with the current Title I statute. I look forward to working with you in support of improved learning opportunities for all students in Nevada and the nation.


Susan E. Neuman
Assistant Secretary

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