Monitoring Process for ESEA Flexibility

ESEA Flexibility Monitoring

The Department will monitor each State approved for ESEA flexibility to ensure the State implements its plan fully, effectively, and in a manner that is consistent with the approved request and the requirements of ESEA flexibility, while supporting the State in its work to improve achievement for all students.

The Department’s monitoring of ESEA flexibility is divided into three components—Parts A, B, and C. Materials for Part A and Part B are provided below. Materials for Part C are forthcoming.

Monitoring Guidance and Support Documents

Part A provides ED with a more in-depth understanding of an SEA’s goals and approach to implementing ESEA flexibility and ensures that the SEA has the critical elements of ESEA flexibility in place to begin implementation of its plan.

During Part B, ED takes a deeper look at the SEA’s implementation of ESEA flexibility across Principles 1, 2, and 3, as well as follows-up on any “next steps” from the SEA’s ESEA Flexibility Part A Monitoring Report. The format and depth of that review is differentiated and customized for each SEA.


Technical Assistance

Webinar, August 1, 2012 – ESEA Flexibility Monitoring, Part A: An Overview

Webinar, April 11, 2013 – ESEA Flexibility Monitoring, Part B: An Overview

Webinar, June 25, 2013–ESEA Flexibility Monitoring, Part B: Tips and Updates from Onsite Pilots


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